Assortment according to colour


This colour represents energy, joy, happiness and optimism. A yellow Phalaenopsis is sure to bring joy home. 

  • Jena

  • Grazia

  • Sunshine

  • Caracas


This colour stands for humor and friendship, but also represents loyalty, gentleness and calmness. A pink Phalaenopsis is always a welcome addition to the home.

  • Vienna

  • Lions Dive

  • Rosanna

  • Sweet redlip


This colour represents purity, light, cleanliness, and neutrality. A white Phalaenopsis will never look out of place. 

  • Venice

  • Softcloud

  • White Apple

  • Salt


This colour is associated with wealth, wisdom and prosperity. A purple Phalaenopsis will truly enrich your home’s interior. 

  • Catalina

  • Debby

  • Perceval

  • Hot Spot


Bright colours! They are unexpected and beautiful. This Phalaenopsis is sure to liven up any home. 

  • Rotterdam

  • Charly

  • Santiago

  • Pixie


It’s no coincidence that these plants can be found at every florist or fashionable interior. They create a special atmosphere and an exclusive experience in any home. 

  • Streetwise

  • La Maggia

  • Aranca paars

  • Amaglad