Caring for your orchid


A Phalaenopsis orchid needs to be watered once a week (preferably in the morning). It is best to remove the plant (and its plastic pot) out of the ceramic pot, before filling the plastic pot with water to the brim. The water should be room temperature. Wait a half hour before placing the plant back in the ceramic pot.



The Phalaenopsis orchid will best grow when in its environment is between 20 ° C and 22 ° C.



Applying special orchid fertilizer once a month will benefit a Phalaenopsis orchid. However, it is not necessary to use fertilizer for the plant to grow.


Where to place your orchid

Orchids need a lot of light, but should not directly be exposed to the sun. Make sure the Phalaenopsis orchid is not placed too close to any central heating (radiators) or in a windy environment. Additionally, you should never place your orchid next to a fruit bowl.



It is possible that the roots of your Phalaenopsis orchid start growing outside its pot. You can ignore them. These are ‘aerial roots’ and indicate that all is well with your Phalaenopsis.


Making your orchid bloom again

Your Phalaenopsis’ branches are made up out of ‘eyes’. If you want to make your orchid bloom again, cut the branch off at the second ‘eye’ (counted up from the bottom of the branch). After approximately three months, the branch will flower again. To boost the flowering process, place your Phalaenopsis orchid in a cooler environment (18 ° C).  Please keep in mind that the plant always has enough light.