Pannekoek Orchideeën is known for its flowers’ wide range of colours. Our plants are available in the following “main” colours: Pink, Purple, Yellow, Brown, Orange, White and Bi-colour. We also grow orchids that are part of our “special” group. These orchids come in different unique colours and can be striped or spotted. We always make sure that all orchids are of the highest quality and are treated with great care. The small-flowered Phalaenopsis orchid from Pannekoek Orchideeën is characterized by:

• Many healthy roots
• Many flowering branches
• Many secondary branches
• Many flowers per plant (sometimes more than 50)
• Wide variety of special and rare colors
• Compactness
• Unobtrusive sticks
• Good packaging
• Exclusivity of certain orchid varieties

Mixed colours

Choose color? Do not see us mixed varied assortment small flowered phalaenopsis.

Endlessly colourful

Our assortment phalaenopsis has an endless diversity in available colours.


Pure and wild of the jungle, the class of a phalaenopsis.